The Most Secure Places to Live in North Texas

There is good news about North Texas because it is growing, not slowing. With more wide open spaces than builders can keep up with, there’s no shortage of choice for people desiring less congestion.

The Urban Scene in North Texas is Changing

A movement among demographics has just begun.  As a result, the younger, less at-risk population may prefer city living. Yet, families and the at-risk demographic population is trending towards suburban living in order to have more space. North Texas has plenty of options to choose from, including new developments.

According to data from the Harris Poll, almost a third of Americans are considering a move to less populated areas.  This has a major impact on residential real estate sales.  In this recent 2020 poll, urban dwellers (43%) were twice as likely than suburban and rural dwellers to have recently browsed a real estate site for homes to rent or purchase.  

“People will be much more cautious about living in high-density areas with so many people nearby,” predicts Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at the National Association of Realtors.

Virtual Home Tours Surge

Buyers, sellers and agents are adapting to public health requirements to serve clients in the safest manner possible.

The number of virtual tours (video and 3D Home tours) created nationwide during the last week of March was 408% higher than an average week in February alone, according to one of the top real estate sites.  Various digital platforms are being used when viewing homes, including virtual showings and open houses.  Facebook Live, Instagram Live and IGTV are options for showcasing properties for potential buyers.

The New Remote Office Demand

People are becoming more comfortable with interacting through video conferencing, which could push more employers to allow employees to work from home.  According to Yun, it’s another reason for increased demand for the suburbs. 

In conclusion, things are changing and sometimes change is good .

For information on the most secure places to live in Texas and where you should be searching for your next home, contact Torelli Properties.

Source: USA Today

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