Interview with Traci Mercer

Traci Mercer

  • Can you share a bit about yourself and what it is that you do?
    I’m Traci Mercer.  I’ve been in the travel/ technology space for over 20 years. I currently have the opportunity to work for a Southlake based global travel technology company, Sabre, as the SVP of Lodging, Ground & Sea as well as our Indirect Channel demand.   
  • How did your career lead you to be one of the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Tech, named by the National Diversity Council?
    I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing teams and technology companies, leading change. I was referred to as a ‘change agent,’ and to do that in an industry like technology (a leading innovation category) but in a sector like travel (tending to be a lagger industry), it’s a fine balance of leading and driving change while bringing others along. To do that, you have to be able to see the future opportunities and be a ‘translator’ and storyteller to help others see it too. This has been something I’ve been able to do in my positions. 
  • Why do you think more women should achieve success in their careers? Can you share any advice?
    I think everyone should aspire to be their best self, whether that is women in their career or otherwise. Each of us has different ambitions and desires. My advice is to work hard and consistently to be the best version of yourself and do something every day that improves you and moves you towards something your future self will be proud of.  Honestly, it sounds simple, but it’s hard. It takes time, planning, and commitment every day. But you will see the results. 
  • Your Twitter account Bio says that you love puppies, pizza, travel, and naps. If you had to pick one, what would it be? Puppies – well, dogs. Hands down. But I’d REALLY miss pizza!
  • Mention the top three essential things in your life and explain why they mean so much to you?
    1. The first thing is my family, including my fur kids (dogs). They are my history and my future, my grounding, and my inspiration.
    2. This may sound terrible, but my phone. In one hand I have access to so much information – it’s something that prior generations couldn’t even fathom. It’s not only a life-line, a work/livelihood tool, but also a representation of how technology can transform the way we live.  
    3. Health. Especially after a year like 2020. 
  • How did you become a dog rescuer, and what would you say to other people in the DFW Area who want to help animals?
    When we moved to the area, we saw the gross neglect of so many animals, the staggering euthanasia rate in the state of Texas (the highest or 2nd highest rate of euthanasia in the country!). My husband and I were compelled to go from being ‘just’ a supporter by adopting, spaying/neutering our animals, and donating financially to being actively involved in every way possible. We started doing more education and advocacy to bring awareness, volunteered, fostered, adopted (more), transported, and increased how we got involved. 

There is such a need in the DFW area. For anyone interested, please adopt (don’t shop!), spay/neuter, and volunteer in any way you can, including opening your home to fostering.  It’s so worth it! 

  • Our Agent, Lacy Milani, who assisted you with the selling of your home in Northlake, TX, says that you are one of her favorite clients! Can you share your experience with Torelli Properties and Lacy with us?
    Aww, that’s so nice of her! Lacy is a rockstar. We were referred to her, and we opted to go with her due to her commitment and contribution to animal rescue. But she far exceeded our expectations. Lacy jumped in to doing whatever was needed, including helping to clean the house while we were out of town! She was able to sell our home in 6 days, despite four others on the same street being on the market, some for less money and others with more amenities. Her creativity shined. When Lacy saw that one of the other houses had a pool, she quickly went into action to have pool schematics done for a pool that would cost the buyers less than buying the other home. She just shined in so many ways!
  • Our motto is Love Where You Are, and we would like to know what you love about where you are right now?
    I’m actually at our home in the Pacific Northwest (greater Seattle area) – we love the green trees, nature, and wildlife surrounding us here! 
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