How to Make the Best Use of Home Office and Learning Space

As a result of the pandemic, more people than ever are working remotely from home.  This has created a demand for the ideal work space design.  To add to the challenge, there is now a demand for homeschool learning space.  Big corporations are realizing the cost savings and acquiring the technology to allow employees to work remotely while supervising children that must attend school online.  Many professionals such as Real Estate Agents, Bookkeepers, and Web Designers have been working from home successfully for years.  Almost anyone in the world can now work remotely!

Whether you are working from home or teaching from home, there are many ways you can maximize the home office and learning space.

Keep your house a home.

Home is our sanctuary, a place of respite after a long day at work.  So what do you do when your workspace is at home?  It’s important to keep a designated workspace and the rest of your home just for you and/or your family.  Be sure to set designated work/school hours and be firm on those boundaries.  It may be tempting to work on that pile of laundry during your work hours, but multitasking and distractions can squelch productivity.  

Avoid creating an office or learning space in certain areas of your home.

  • Kitchen – If your workspace is the kitchen table, chances are you’ll be tempted to do dishes or sweep the floor as a way to procrastinate.  Distractions such as kids wanting snacks or breaks will be plenty.  Kitchen tables and chairs are not ergonomically designed to grind out a full day of sitting at a computer, either.  If the kitchen is your only option, make a separate workspace or niche that is designated for your work and/or school-related tasks
  • Bedroom –  This is bad feng shui!  Having your work area in the same room that you sleep can make for sleepless nights.  Seeing your computer and work items will remind you of everything waiting to be completed.  Unless you have a spare bedroom that isn’t being used, it’s best to keep your office out of the sleep sanctuary.  If you must use the bedroom, it is recommended to separate the workspace with a divider or furniture to provide a balance.
  • Main Living Room or Game room – While the freedom and flexibility of working from home may allow you to watch Netflix shows, this is a common distraction.  The couch and coffee table may look inviting, but this is where you’ll want to keep your sanctuary separate from your workspace.  It is perfectly okay to mix it up a little as long as you block your time accordingly.

Create The Ideal Work and Learning Space.

Whether you share your workspace with your kiddos’ learning space, there are great ideas for making the most out of the space you currently have.  These are just a few:

Designate a space for each individual

If you have a spare bedroom, unused family room, or formal dining room in your home, these may be ideal to design a quiet and private office.  If your home is small and does not have an empty room, find a quiet corner and screen it off with a beautiful background panel.  Perhaps you have space underneath your staircase or an attic or loft area.  Some may even enjoy working outside on a cozy patio, surrounded by lots of greenery and the sound of nature!  

Furnish your workspace according to style

Pick out a desk and chair, making sure they are comfortable and ergonomically designed for your comfort.  Preferably, use a keyboard and mouse, add more monitors to make your desk area functional.  Add some cozy corner chairs, end tables, lamps, and accessories to make your space inviting. If sharing space, add a separate kids’ corner with an kid-friendly design that blends with yours.

Consider your light source

If your work area is too dark, add some strategically placed lamps or install recessed lighting to create an ambiance that lifts your spirits.  Nobody likes to sit in darkness all day and it can create a foul mood and sleepy eyes.  An area of your home that has a lot of natural light, such as a screened porch or sunroom, is a great location to consider.  If the space is pleasing to the eye, it will be pleasing to the mind.

Add storage space

Keep your home office organized by adding filing cabinets or bins.  A beautiful bookshelf will allow for open storage as well as an area to display stylish decor.  You can easily tuck away school work in decorative bins that fit on top of a shelf.  If your space doesn’t have room for bookshelves, you can install floating shelves for this same effect.

Decorate to your style

This is the fun part!  Find inspirational quotes to hang where you can see them.  Framed photos of your favorite humans and pets and interesting artifacts from your travels are great.  Add greenery to boost your mood and air quality.  Bring in a throw blanket and pillows for chairs.  Add your favorite colors, patterns, even textures, and make it unique to your personality.  

The best part of working from home is that you can create the workspace that suits you best!  What are some inspirational ideas for creating your ideal home office or learning space?

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