Interview with Russell Button / Button Law Firm

Russell Button / Button Law Firm


  • When did you first know you wanted to become a trial attorney?

I was probably not even ten years old when I got inspired by a movie called “A Time to Kill.” I remember that there was a trial lawyer in it and I said to myself: “I want to do what he does.” Eventually, I met a gentleman in high school who was a trial attorney. He showed me the road and got me into law school in different places, and then I ultimately followed his footsteps to become a trial lawyer.

  • Tell us about your business. How does The Button Law Firm differentiate itself in the market?

Our firm will have its six-year anniversary in January 2021. We have an amazing team. There are six of us, and we primarily focus on catastrophic and complex injury cases. For example, when a loved one has been seriously injured or unfortunately killed because another company or somebody else was negligent, we handle the case. We have a very identifiable niche, but one of our unique areas is when children have been abused or neglected, particularly at daycare. A considerable differentiator has been that not many law firms in Texas go to trial and prepare cases as we do. We are specialized in complex cases that require excellent trial preparation.

Over the years, we have become a “go to” firm for people in the community who want a good personal connection and do more than other firms to keep their clients moving forward. So, we are very selective with the cases that we take, but we help everyone who calls our office. I think that is another pretty big differentiator. Many offices will only talk to you if it’s a case for them, but we talk to everybody, and even if it’s not a case for us, we will try to help them keep moving forward and find the right spot for them.

  • Following up with the previous question, what does your typical client look like?

We typically represent families that have lived through a catastrophic event that got their kids injured, or the parents themselves are injured. For example, working families that send their kids to daycare, and, unfortunately, the children experienced a daycare accident or injury; or families hit by a truck or someone texting and driving while they were on the road.

I think bad things happen to good people at times, and there are many good people out there going through difficulties. That’s when we are here to help them.

  • What is your philosophy when it comes to representing clients?

Our philosophy is always to make sure to lead the charge. It really comes down to the phrase “keep them moving forward,” whether it’s helping our clients find the right medical treatment for someone who is injured or for their own body injury, etc. We are always trying to keep them moving forward in that way.

Good communication with our clients is essential for us. We want to keep them informed of everything that is going on regarding the case, what we see in other cases similar to theirs. We want to keep them in the loop at all times. We are eager to talk to them so we can get justice them. For many clients, is a way to close that book. I think it is about bearing along with them during the whole journey.

The last thing is to be able to make a difference. We have a passion for doing that, and for us it can mean a lot of things. For example, making a difference in the client’s life, whether it is to allow them to receive medical expenses for the rest of their lives when they have a permanent injury, to create a difference in changing the laws for the better so other people can benefit from it, or to simply create awareness when there’s a more significant issue in a case we are handling.

  • What are you doing when you are not working? Do you have any hobbies?

The one big thing about me is that I’ve always liked to make sure that all aspects of my life fit together. My personal life is a lifestyle, so I try to build things that I enjoy doing every day. When I’m not working on people’s cases, I love to read. I probably read at least three books a month. I also love eating healthy and cooking meals. I enjoy working out; I even built a gym in my garage! I love to travel and go camping, go hiking, go fishing… just be somewhere outdoors enjoying life.

  • One of our agents recently assisted you with the purchase of your home. What’s your favorite place in your house, and why?

I like the kitchen, but my favorite place in the house is my back patio. I have a huge outdoor covered patio in which I love sitting. I enjoy spending time there in the mornings or during the day, either eating, working, or just hanging out. I love my back patio!

  • What is the one thing you appreciated most about working with our agent, Lacy Milani?

The first thing is that she was always responsive. Her communication is excellent; whether it was early in the morning or late in the day, she made it work. Even though she is a mom and a wife or was busy with other clients, she always communicated with me.

The second thing is that she wasn’t afraid to take a stand for us and who she represents as an agent. She took it personally as if she were even buying a house for herself, so she went above and beyond, and not because I asked her to do it. It’s was just because that is how she is.

  • What is it that you love about where you are right now?

I’ve fought for a successful business for a while, I have an awesome team, and everything just flows down. When you’re in your thirties and you know what you like, and you don’t spend time doing things you don’t want to do, and everything is just nice, it’s the best feeling you could ever ask for.

Right now, with everything the way it’s going, even with COVID-19 and the pandemic, I’ve never lost my way. It is such a great time in my life. I have a beautiful house thanks to Lacy and Torelli Properties, I’m working on selling my old home, and I’m doing exactly what I’ve always wanted every single day.