5 Key Steps to File Your 2020 Tax Return

KISS* and Get a Refund
To file your 2020 tax return, you can still file on Tax Day, April 15th, but it is best not to wait until the last minute if you can help it.  Uncle Sam just began processing tax returns on January 27th.  But, that’s no reason to stress. It comes and goes every year and we always seem to make it through the nearly three month tax season just fine.  Sure, you may owe taxes this year, but it doesn’t hurt to think positive.  

Tasks to file taxes are less daunting when you consolidate them into these 5 steps:

  1. Locate your W2 
    If you earn a wage or salary, the most important form is the W-2 . You should have received this form in early January.  The official title is Wage and Tax Statement and it will have the details on earnings and taxes paid throughout the past tax year.  If you didn’t receive your W2, follow up with your employer(s) immediately.  It is a required attachment for your tax return submission.
  2. Consolidate all of your documents and decide whether you will file a standard deduction or itemize your deductions.  Setting up a folder titled 2020 Tax Return (either online or by hard copy) is a great way to stay organized. Documents to gather include:

    For Standard deductions:
    1099s (for nonsalaried jobs, side jobs paid in cash, etc.)  
    Mortgage interest statements
    Investment income statements (401k, IRAs, rental properties, investment properties, etc.)

    For Itemizing:
    Education costs
    Charitable giving
    Medical expense
  3. Pick the filing status that applies to you:

     4.  Review all documents once again and file your 2020 Tax Return.

  •  Either hire a pro to file your 2020 tax return electronically, file your own return using tax software (there are free options for filing electronically such as turbotax.intuit.com, hrblock.com, etc.) or file on your own using the snail mail route. (Be sure that your mail is postmarked April 15, 2020.)
  • The IRS recommends that taxpayers file electronically to reduce potential errors and receive refunds faster.
    If you owe, you don’t have to send that tax due amount when you file your form. You can actually submit your 1040 early and wait until the April 15 deadline to send the funds you owe.
  1. Make a list of things you can begin doing this year to be more organized and take advantage of any deductions allowed for next year’s tax time.  If you are planning to purchase a home in 2020, you’ll need many of these same documents.  

8 Additional Tax Advantages of Investment Properties

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*KISS:  Keep it Stupid Simple

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